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Animal Health

Animal Health

Here at the Family Center, we believe that animal health is a priority. That’s why we offer a complete line of animal health products that come from trusted brands. We can educate you on what is best for your animals and help you develop a regimen to achieve optimal health. Whether you’re trying to improve your horse’s joints or control parasites on your pigs, we have the medication and preventative treatments that will keep your animals clean, healthy and happy.

On top of getting the proper saddles for your horse’s optimal comfort, it’s also important that you take care of their health.   Cough Free Powder helps them fight off colds, allergies, and heave-related symptoms. This 100% natural formula of herbs and minerals is developed by Amish horse experts. You can find reviews and ratings of this product here. Whether you have a racing horse or a weekend rider on your hands, you should have all the tools and the products to make sure your horse’s health is in peak condition. For optimal health, a horse needs to eat 1 to 1.5% of its body weight in hay or grasses and legumes daily; we have everything you need to aid in the proper feeding of both your horse and all of your other animals.

Our red cell liquid supplement provides your horse with the vitamins and minerals they need to perform like champions. This Farnam formula is potent, reliable, and homogenized for maximum consistency. Farnam offers tips on how best to use their products, as well as a blog on how to keep up with the latest innovations in animal health. Besides health products, we have a large selection of Saddles for sale from our many locations.

Lamb and Kid Paste is used to protest lambs and kids in their very early stages of life (first 24 hours) by controlling scours and providing an immediate energy boost at birth. You can even use this paste with antibiotics because of a protective coating. This paste comes from Durvet, a local company that introduces 20-30 new products every year and works hard to keep their prices low. They also manufacture products for livestock, companion animals, and ways to protect your home from pests. We trust them to always provide the most efficient yet animal friendly products.

In addition to these products, your animal health is aided by our selection of several types of Bolus and Ivermectin paste. Come by a Family Center location near you today so our friendly associates can help you find the perfect treatment to your animal’s ailments.

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