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Our Bird and Wildlife products are ideal for any bird watcher! We have all the supplies you need to keep your feathered friends coming back for more, offering many varieties of seed along with suet and seed bars to satisfy all your daily visitors’ appetites.

In a study conducted by Millikin University, they found that areas with bird feeders resulted in a lower stress level for the birds, higher survival rate, higher percentage of young birds recruited into the breeding population, and overall better body conditions for the fed birds. By placing a bird feeder in your yard, you’re helping sustain the wildlife around you with nutritional food. Not only does the type of food affect the type of birds you attract, but the type of feeder can also have a major impact. For example, tubes with small holes attract finches while wire mesh feeders attract wood peckers.

We stock Wild Delight bird feed. This company offers useful advice on their website about how to attract the birds you want to attract. For example, certain birds only come at certain times of the year, so it’s important to choose the ideal time to set up or change your bird feeder. In addition, you must know the right places to install your bird feeder. It should be in a location that’s both easy for the birds to access and easy for you to access (for cleaning and refilling). Wild Delight recommends trees or poles as optimal locations, but you can try different spots to see which one gives you the best view.

The Family Center Farm and Home store offers top-quality Bird and Wildlife products, so you can mingle with your friendly, flying neighbors. Visit us at a Family Center location near you today to speak with one of our associates about which products are right for you.

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