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SADDLES FOR SALE call 816-974-0652 ext. 301 ask for Stacy.

We have a large selection of saddles for sale. Just drop by one of our Kansas City locations (Harrisonville, Butler, St. Joesph, Paola) to see the saddles we have in stock. We have saddles for sale with standard tree, wide tree, rough out, etc.

We have saddles that fit younger cowboys and cowgirls as well as specific saddles for team roping. Even if you just want a good quality saddle for those trail rides, we’ve got you covered. We have saddles from top brands like Martin, Reinsman, Double J Saddlery and many others. You’ll have a hard time finding a place with the number of saddles we have in our stores. If you have very specific needs one of our knowledgeable sales people can help you. If we don’t have it, we can get if for you.

Here at Family Center Farm and Home we have all the horse tack and supplies you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for feed or fencing we can help you with your equestrian needs.

A saddle that doesn’t fit your horse properly can give rise to all sorts of training and health problems. A saddle that doesn’t fit you properly will be uncomfortable to ride in and will throw you out of position.

The main feature of the saddle which dictates whether it will fit your horse or not is the width of the gullet. All horses backs are not created equal, ranging from the prominent withers of the Thoroughbred to the rounded, mutton withers often seen in Arabians and Quarter Horses. If the saddle you choose has a gullet that is too wide, the saddle will press down on the withers. If the gullet is too narrow, the saddle will pinch your horse.

Other points to consider are the balance of the saddle when it is on the horse, are the pommel and cantle level, or does the saddle tip backward or forward. A saddle that doesn’t sit level will create uncomfortable pressure for your horse, as well as making it difficult for you to maintain your position.

For more information on the different parts of a saddle and the function of these parts, check out our blog post! For a closer look at the brands we offer and different types of saddles, look here. Come on into one of our stores and we’ll help you pick the right saddle for you and your horse.

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